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We all want our home to be sparkling clean. But in the fast-paced times we live in, investing a lot of time and money in making our place spic and span falls toward the end of a long priority list. That’s why our products are designed to give you an edge in performance while taking the edge off your budget concerns. Every dime you save, every efficiency you gain, means more time, more resources, more heart and soul to invest in the things that matter most.

Because, at the end of the day, your home is much more than a task to be managed. It’s a place to be celebrated.


Since 1916, Rit Dye has been the trusted dye brand in America, used by professionals and non-professionals alike to custom color designs and to revitalize wardrobes and home decor.

Rit’s original all-purpose dye is available in 31 colors and its synthetic dye, Rit DyeMore, is available in 12 colors. Rit embodies the can-do, DIY spirit sweeping the country today and has a community website, www.RitDye.com, to support and inspire Dye-IYers looking to create customized personal style.

Clothes Conscious. For less.

Anyone who runs a household will appreciate Phoenix Brands’ solutions for keeping garments clean, comfortable, and great-looking. Phoenix Brands detergents Fab, Dynamo, and Ajax offer you the best value in cost-per-load of laundry. Phoenix Brands laundry detergents and fabric softeners perform with trustworthy reliability—at prices that often beat competitive brands, leaving more in family budgets for what’s truly important in life.

Same number of loads in one small cup

The new 2x products are powerful formulas that let you clean the same number of wash loads and remove stubborn stains like strawberries, barbecue sauce, and chocolate with half the amount of detergent. Plus, the bottle is smaller, which makes it easy to carry, store, and pour. Phoenix Brands’ detergents perform with trustworthy reliability at prices that often beat competitive brands.

Fab Ultra

Used by millions for their daily laundry needs, Fab® effectively cleans the whole wash–leaving whites sparkling and colors vibrant. And Fab® leaves a nice, fresh fragrance on dry laundry in your choice of Spring Magic, Rain Forest, and Ocean Breeze scents.



Dynamo® delivers mighty cleaning power, but is still gentle on clothes. Its effective, time-tested formula cleans clothes efficiently while imparting a light, fresh fragrance. Available in your choice of Sunrise Fresh, Waterfall Fresh, and new Free and Clear formula–completely free of dyes, perfumes, and enzymes for the benefit of sensitive skin.

Final Touch

Original Final Touch® is the traditional choice in homes across the country. New Final Touch® Ultra formula offers the same great performance in smaller, more efficient doses–using less product to soften more loads. Whether you add Final Touch® liquid to your wash or solid sheets to your dryer, your clothes emerge smooth, soft and fragrant. Choose from Spring Fresh or Lavender scents.

Our Canadian Brands

ARCTIC POWER® is a heavy-duty laundry detergent designed to remove even stubborn stains. The traditional cold-water formula saves energy and money by lowering your heating bills. New all-temperature formulas offer the same performance at any temperature.

ABC® delivers tough dirt- and stain-fighting power, while helping whites remain brilliant and colors stay true. All at a truly money-saving price.

Our Company


phoenix-brands-iconFully focused on customers

Internationally, Phoenix Brands meets the needs of consumers everywhere. With a portfolio of widely recognized laundry care brands including Rit® Dye, Final Touch® Fabric Softener and Fab®, Dynamo®, Ajax®, Arctic Power®, and ABC® laundry detergents, Phoenix Brands taps into universal household needs of caring for clothes.

Phoenix Brands’ overall mission is to ensure that our products and brands will always be consumer-relevant and our approach to business customer-centric.


  • Innovating to recapture and excite core users and bring new consumers to the franchise
  • Investing in trade and marketing to maintain attention and focus
  • Enhancing profit to rebuild productivity and drive category dollars
  • Customizing to help our retail partners deliver on their customer strategies

Phoenix markets great brands by enhancing product performance, shelf impact and brand appeal. Our brands enjoy wide consumer recognition, and we continue to invest in building on that equity.

In addition, our highly flexible business model enables Phoenix to bring customized solutions to its retail partners. We are committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions—from product formulas and packaging to merchandising and customized sales solutions.

Phoenix Brands is headquartered in Stamford, CT. Our products are sold in the United States and Canada.

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